Give ‘Em the Old Razzle-Dazzle

If you’re going to write something, why not make it extra fancy, glowing, blinking, AND neon? I absolutely love anything that lights up, so I was thrilled to test drive the Crayola Widescreen Light Designer. It was fun!

This toy is intended for children ages 6+ and retails for about $18 on Amazon. We’ve tested Crayola products on the blog before (including an airbrush kit I was very skeptical about but it totally worked!). I have to say, Crayola never disappoints. Their products are solid, easy to use, and the colors are always vivid. This light designer was no exception.

Out of the box, the light designer is 18″ tall (the actual drawing screen is 9.5″ x 15″). There’s an easel stand built into the back, as well as some clever little holders for the six markers that come with the set (blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, and white). You can also see the holes that allow you to mount the light designer to a wall.

Load in a couple AA batteries, flip the on the power switch, press the light button on the front, and start drawing! The colors go on beautifully with a lot of vibrancy. You can also press the front button multiple times to change the light settings (blinking, fading in and out, etc.). Three small quibbles: 1) The blue marker came out of the box bone dry, so I was unable to use it; 2) You have to cycle through seven light settings to get back to the original solid glow one, which seemed a bit excessive; 3) Wiping the marker off the screen with a dry paper towel took a LOT of elbow grease. Definitely use a slightly damp paper towel when it’s time to erase.

Essentially, this is a white board you can use in a darkened room with neon colors and blinking lights. But the little kid me would have been SO excited to see my artwork and writing presented in this unusual dynamic way. It just makes your drawings and announcements all the more special.

And speaking of Crayola light designers and razzle-dazzle special announcements…

Everyone, this is CLEO! You met Katie’s rescue pup Finley in 2021, and now I’m delighted to introduce the newest member of my family. Cleo recently joined us from SAVE animal shelter. She is 7.5 years old, 18 pounds, and the undisputed Queen of the Household.

Long may she reign!