Literary Pinball

literary pinballI’m about to embark on a work trip, so short post today! A few weeks ago, I found myself in Asbury Park, New Jersey at the Silverball Museum. Basically, you pay the museum a flat fee and then play loads of their vintage pinball and arcade games. Imagine my delight when I discovered not one but TWO literary pinball machines! Ladies and gentleman, may I present The Hobbit?

hobbit pinballAnd The Wizard of Oz! If you look closely, you can see a little model of Dorothy’s house in the upper right corner of the play field…

wizard of oz pinballAlas, I tanked playing The Hobbit and got completely schooled on Frogger. But I rallied for Tetris, Pole Position, and 1992-era Skee Ball. The Silverball Museum is definitely worth a stop for fun, games, classic concessions, and a chance to multiball on the Yellow Brick Road!