The Hummingbird of Happiness

the hummingbird of happiness

Help your oatmeal container bear reunite with his friend hummingbird in this gentle (and super silent) game of hide and seek!

We read Hector and Hummingbird by Nicholas John Frith (Arthur Levine Books, 2015). Hector is a bear who lives in Peru, and Hummingbird is his best friend. The problem is, Hummingbird likes to talk, and talk, and talk, and talk and doesn’t realize Bear is becoming increasingly annoyed with his chattiness. Finally, Hector blows his top and yells at Hummingbird that he wants to be left alone. But silence and solitude aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, and Hector soon wishes for his friend to return. Zip! Hummingbird returns in a flash (he’s been hiding close by on every page) and all is well. These days, the two friends still talk, but they also spend time enjoying a little companionable silence…sometimes.

You’ll need:

  • 1 large oatmeal container
  • Brown and black construction paper
  • 1 pair of large wiggle eyes
  • 1 pair of small wiggle eyes
  • 1 jumbo pom-pom
  • 1 medium pom-pom
  • A selection of small feathers
  • Scissors, tape, and glue for construction
  • Markers for decorating
  • Hot glue

just the bear

The bear is very simple to construct. Wrap an oatmeal container with brown paper, then use the extra bits to make the feet, tail, and ears. Attach a pair of wiggle eyes and a self-adhesive foam nose (or just use markers to draw these on). Draw a smile on with a marker. Last come the construction paper arms, which are extra long and attach at the hands. This is so the bear can carry its hummingbird friend.

bear with hummingbirdThe hummingbirds were created by Katie. Aren’t they cute? She made a green version modeled after the ruby-throated hummingbird, and a purple version modeled after the violet sabrewing hummingbird.

a pair of hummingbirdsTo make a hummingbird, glue a thin black construction paper beak onto a large (1.5″ diameter) pom-pom. Glue a smaller (.75″) pom-pom underneath the beak. Add a pair of small wiggle eyes and 2 feathery wings and you’re set!

We loved how the book’s creator hid the hummingbird on various pages, so Katie made 2 hummingbirds for each story time kid and placed them in different locations in the gallery.

hide and seek hummingbirdsThen, slowly, and oh-so-quietly, kids and their bears went in search of their hummingbirds.

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