The BiblioFiles Presents: Victoria Ying

Just posted! A BiblioFiles interview with graphic novelist Victoria Ying, creator of City of Secrets and its sequel, City of Illusion.

In City of Secrets we meet two children, Ever Barnes and Hannah Morgan. Ever is an orphan, hiding in a massive, intricate jigsaw puzzle of a complex known as the Switchboard Operating Facility. He is befriended by Hannah, the daughter of the wealthy businessman who owns the facility. Soon, the two children discover the facility houses a secret that people are willing to kill for. With war escalating between the cities of Oskars and Edmonda, the race to uncover the secret becomes all the more urgent. And dangerous.

In City of Illusion, Ever and Hannah travel to a third city, Alexios, which specializes in illusions and magic. Unfortunately, villains are still on their trail, attempting to unlock the mystery that ties all three cities together. The stakes are huge, and the winner can gain enough power to conquer and control everything and everyone.

Ying’s graphic novels are incredibly stylish, with sweeping action and interesting visuals. Part espionage and part science fiction, her characters enliven the page, creating an experience that feels like you are turning the pages on a fast-paced film. Imaginative and intriguing, they absolutely deliver on adventure and heart.

In addition to her two full-length graphic novels, Ying has produced short stories, illustrated numerous picture books, and has been a developmental artist for Disney Studios and Sony, working on major films such as Frozen, Tangled, Big Hero 6, Moana, and Wreck-It Ralph.

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Image courtesy of Victoria Ying

The BiblioFiles Presents: Victoria Jamieson

Just posted! An interview with multiple award-winning, and New York Times bestselling, graphic novelist Victoria Jamieson.

Beginning with her illustrated book SUPER COW in the third grade, Jamieson aspired to work as an animator. After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design with a focus in illustration, her career path involved art and design work. But her life path involved being a roller derby player for the Rose City Rollers in Portland, Oregon. Jamieson merged these work and life experiences to create her 2015 graphic novel, Roller Girl. It went on to be a New York Times best seller, a Newbery Honor book, and an inspiration to thousands of novice skaters wanting to sport a Jammer star.

Roller Girl was followed by All’s Faire in Middle School, two shorter graphic novels in her Pets on the Loose series, and the picture books Olympig!, Pest in Show, and Bea Rocks the Flock.

Her most recent release is When Stars Are Scattered, which was done in collaboration with Omar Mohamed, the founder of Refugee Strong, and non-profit that empowers refugee students. Illustrated by Jamieson, the graphic novel is the true story of Mohamed’s childhood in the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. It was a National Book Award finalist in 2020.

The magic of graphic novels is how completely the reader enters the world of the characters. Jamieson is especially talented at the emotional journeys her characters take. She is fearless in exploring the difficulty of going to a new school, getting in a fight with your friends, being bullied, a family argument, or in the case of her recent collaboration, the pain of uncertainty as refugees wait for change. These are difficult topics, but Jamison weaves hope into everything she writes and draws, inspiring her readers to face these difficulties and become stronger in the process.

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Image courtesy of Victoria Jamieson

The BiblioFiles Presents: Nidhi Chanani

the bibliofiles presents nidhi chananiJust posted! A webcast with Nidhi Chanani, writer and illustrator of the graphic novel, Pashmina.

Priyanka Das has many identities – friend, high school student, comic book artist. She also has many questions about her absent father, her single mother, and India, her mother’s home country. Unfortunately, her mom isn’t willing to give any answers. Then Priyanka discovers a beautiful pashmina hidden in a suitcase. When she wears it, she’s transported to a fantasy version of India, where an elephant named Kanta and peacock named Mayur are happy to show her the amazing sights, smells, and tastes of her mother’s country.

But there’s also a shadowy figure trying to send messages. Now, Priyanka is even more determined to travel to the real India to learn both her mother’s story, and the story behind the mysterious, magical pashmina.

Pashmina is Chanani’s debut graphic novel, and it is fantastic. Primarily drawn in greyscale, Chanani uses glorious bursts of colors whenever the pashmina casts its spells, accentuating the magic and wonder. Chanani tackles difficult subjects with empathy, honesty and a gentleness that is incredibly respectful to the characters, and to the readers. Pashmina is a powerful, uplifting story, particularly for girls and young women. An artist, illustrator, writer, and teacher, Chanani was honored at the White House as a Champion of Change in 2012.

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