The BiblioFiles Presents: Kat Yeh

kat yehJust posted! A webcast and podcast with Kat Yeh, author of The Truth About Twinkie Pie, and The Way to Bea.

In The Truth About Twinkie Pie we meet GiGi, a middle school student who, thanks for the efforts of her big sister DiDi, has moved to a new town and is entering a fancy new prep school. GiGi and DiDi are orphans. However, as the story unfolds, we learn that nothing is quite what it seems, both in GiGi’s family, and in the lives of the friends she makes in school.

Yeh’s most recent chapter book, The Way to Bea, introduces us to Beatrix Lee. After a painful falling out with her best friends, Bea has decided to remain silent and invisible at school. But her mind and fingers can’t be quiet as she composes poetry and hides it in a special place in the woods. When someone begins leaving messages in response, Bea begins to understand that friendship, like life, can be complicated.

Yeh has a tremendous talent for characters, emotion, and capturing the tender, awkward, difficult and uplifting parts of discovering who you are. Her stories fold you in immediately, bringing you into a circle of friends, a fight between sisters, the rush of realizing someone likes you. There is such strength and authenticity to her prose. Yeh’s books are meant to be discovered, shared, thought about, and loved.

In addition to her chapter book, Yeh has also written picture books The Friend Ship, You’re Loveable to Me, and The Magic Brush: A Story of Love, Family, and Chinese Characters.

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