Worth the Splurge II

gallon glue pumpWe’ve all been through the arduous task known as “the refilling of the squeeze glue bottles.” Drips. Spurts. Clogged funnels. Gloppy snakes of glue that run over your hand and pool onto the tabletop.

I endured this for years. Oh yes, I was well aware that glue pumps existed, but I couldn’t bring my stubborn self to pony up and buy one. Then one day, I finally caved. I’m glad I did. This pump is awesome! It slides into a gallon glue container, neatly deposits the glue right into the bottles, and it even has a little cap that covers the pump opening to prevent drips. It’s also gigantic, so you feel very mighty and powerful as you sit pumping glue.

I bought this glue pump online for $19.99 at Discount School Supply. I’m sure my splurge has saved me much time and frustration (not to mention wasted glue). I heart my gallon glue pump!