The Penderwicks at Last

penderwicks againAs many of you know, this spring, the fifth and final Penderwicks book was released. When the books began, Batty was a mere 4 years-old. Now she’s in college and the Penderwick family has expanded quite a bit!

I first discovered these books in 2010, when I interviewed Jeanne Birdsall for my webcast. I loved the series from the very beginning, and have really and truly enjoyed growing alongside the characters. So today, I offer my humble tribute to the first book, a summer snapshot of four sisters, a very interesting boy, and perhaps the most lovable literary dog of all time, Hound.

Jeannie, your books are beautiful, amazing, and full of love and light. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Or, as Mr. Penderwick would say, gratias tibi.