The BiblioFiles Presents: Kat Falls

Kat FallsPremiering today…a BiblioFiles interview with Kat Falls, author of Dark Life and Rip Tide.

Dark Life is set in the future after a global disaster has caused most of the world to sink under the seas. Most humans live Topside, crammed into over-populated cities, stacked on top of one another in graffiti-covered skyscrapers. But a small group of scientists and pioneers choose to live below the seas and farm the deep ocean floor – a place that is as dangerous as it is beautiful.

Fifteen-year-old Ty was born subsea and has a secret he’s desperate to keep. He has a Dark Gift, something that develops in children who live subsea. For Ty, it’s biosonar ability; for his sister Zoe, it’s the ability to shock like an electric eel. Dark Gifts are considered abnormal and must be hidden from everyone – including one’s own parents. Ty’s world changes when he meets Gemma, a girl from Topside who comes to the subsea to find her older brother. Together, they make some dangerous discoveries that neither of them expected.

In the sequel, Rip Tide, Ty and Gemma uncover a wreck while try to anchor some supplies in a trash vortex in the Atlantic. It turns out that the wreck is a crime scene – an underwater community that was deliberately sealed and sunk with the inhabitants still inside. In the wake of this crime, another happens. Ty’s parents are kidnapped during a crop sale, throwing Ty and Gemma into the underworld of politics, outlaws, and perilous secrets.

The Dark Life series is unlike any other. The various machinery used to traverse the ocean floor, the flexible architecture of subsea homes, the liquigen you breathe into your lungs to survive the deep,  Kat Falls has created a unique world with amazing details and a biology textbook full of aquatic wildlife. The pace is fast, and her ability to weave characters, emotion, dialogue, and details into the story is astounding.

Kat Falls’ new young adult book, Inhuman, was released this month.

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