Accio Wand Contest Winners!

three wands, gray magic woodworkingI am delighted to present the winners of our blog contest! We received a lot of fantastic entries, and it was very hard to choose. Below are the three winning spells, carefully matched to their three unique wands.

wand 291, gray magic woodworkingCUPIDUM LIBER

Awnali Mills, Virginia

My spell is for finding your next good read in a library full of books. The words are Cupidum Liber! To do the spell, you must draw the left side of a heart in the air in front of you with your wand, from top to bottom while saying “Cupidum.”  When you reach the bottom of the heart, do a quick bounce with the wand to the left as though flipping open a book with it while saying “Liber” (Lee-burr).  A book you love will present itself.


wand 292, gray magic woodworking


Marina Schnell, Pennsylvania

Do you ever try to think of a word, and you just can’t remember it? It feels like it’s on the tip of your tongue, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t remember it. I have created a spell to banish that annoying and potentially embarrassing sensation from your life. The incantation is Contralethelogos (con-truh-leth-uh-LOW-goess). When you fail to retrieve a word from your memory, simply point your wand at your throat and speak the incantation aloud, and the word will come to mind. However, you’re on your own if you forget this spell as well as the word you’re trying to remember. The spell has both Latin and Greek origins (Contra is from Latin, meaning against; leth(e) is from Greek, meaning forget; and logo is from Greek, meaning word. The s just makes it sound good).

wand 293, gray magic woodworking

Matthew Hettena, New Jersey

Translated from Latin: peel (the) monkey food. This spell peels all the bananas you could want for you, and all your banana loving friends and animals.  







Thanks once again to Lane O’Neil from Gray Magic Woodworking for the donation of the beautiful wands!