Very Punny

Need a quick way to limber up your brain? How about some visual puns? I remember loving these waaaaay back in elementary school, and was lucky enough to revisit the fun  with Thinklers! A Collection of Brain Ticklers! by Kevin Brougher (Missing Piece Press, 2000). The book is full of position puzzles, commonyms, rhymes, and riddles. Honestly, the Mysterious Benedict Society, and their creator, would be in heaven.

After we tried a pile of Thinklers! puzzles, I encouraged kids (ages 9-12) to create a few visual puns of their own. Stumped? No worries! All the answers are at the bottom of the post…

Lady Gaga
The Bottom Line
The Hunger Games
Knockturn Alley
Scrambled eggs
Let the cat out of the bag
Step up
Three blind mice
Throw your hat in the ring