Renovation, Relocation, Blogging, and More Blogging

renovation, relocation, bloggingSome news! Our library is undergoing renovation for the next 6 months, and our gallery programming (which includes our weekly story times) will be temporarily suspended until early 2018.

But wait! What does this mean for the blog?

Absolutely nothing! I have enough Tuesday story time projects saved up to keep merrily posting throughout the renovation. I also plan to launch a new Tuesday category called “Snap Story Times.” These posts will feature very simple projects  – ready in a snap! – connected with a book (or books!). They’ll be joining the other projects on our Simple Projects Pinterest board. Like this fantastic shoulder snake:

finished-shoulder-snake smallThe Friday posts will continue as well. You might, however, notice that there will be more blog breaks than usual. You might also find yourself saying “Hey, wasn’t Dr. Dana’s hair shorter last week? How did it grow so fast?” or “It’s December…why are all the kids in the photos wearing shorts and running around a flower garden?”

And so…we’ll be winding down programming, packing, and relocating to a different part of the building over the next two weeks, and the blog will be taking a break while we do that.

But we’ll be back – and raring to go – on Tuesday, June 13th!