Pop Turns Four!

pops fourth birthdayBust out the confetti cannon, because Pop Goes the Page turns 4 this month! To celebrate, we’re having a double birthday contest. Want to win a $144 online shopping spree at Discount School Supply? Read on!

The first part of the birthday contest is the “Cake Crafting Challenge.” Katie, Marissa, and I competed to create a blog birthday cake. We had just 2 hours to make a cake using only 10 types of craft supplies. Also, all the supplies had to be in the building at the time of the contest (no dashing out to Target or Michaels Crafts for something special). The winner gets a 6 pack…of cupcakes…from House of Cupcakes.

The second part of the birthday contest is for you! Vote for the cake you like. Every vote we receive will be put in a drawing. One lucky voter will win a $144 online shopping spree at Discount School Supply, one of our fav crafting destinations!

Contest details are at the bottom of this post. The winning cake, the cake artist, and the winning voter will be revealed on our Friday, August 25th blog post.


tower of flourAnd with the lights off:

tour of flour litCraft supplies: plastic top hat, oatmeal container, toilet paper tubes, construction paper, pom-poms, color masking tape, fabric flowers, mesh tubing, pipe cleaners, and paper butterflies.


cake tank

Craft supplies: construction paper, poster board, ric rac ribbon, plastic fork, mouthpiece of a party horn, tape cores, toilet paper tube, paper sample cup, boxes, and pom-poms.


glow baby glow v2And with the lights off:


Craft supplies: cake circles, box, paper cups, poster board, construction paper, tissue paper, markers, and submersible LED lights.


  1. E-mail your votes to: cotsenevents@princeton.edu
  2. If sending multiple names within the same e-mail, please make sure to match each name with its corresponding vote.
  3. 1 vote per person please.
  4. Open to blog readers of all ages.
  5. Votes must be received by Tuesday, August 22nd.
  6. The shopping spree only applies to in-stock items at Discount School Supply. Items marked with a truck symbol are not eligible for the spree. The $144 prize cannot be applied towards a larger purchase.
  7. Contest only applies to residents of the 48 contiguous United States.
  8. The winner will be announced on the blog on Friday, August 25th.

The contest has ended, but if you’d like to see the results, click here!