Katie Potter

katie potterFlag down the Knight Bus and tap the butter beer…Katie’s in London! There she is at the official Platform 9 3/4 in King’s Cross Station. Her family also took a tour of London’s Quiddich…uh, I mean SOCCER stadium. Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal!

emirates stadiumKatie also caught up with another familiar Pop Goes the Page face…Ian! When last we saw Ian, he was departing for Azerbaijan on a Fulbright scholarship. Now he’s working on his second master’s degree at the University of London, specializing in the history of the book at the institute of English studies. Smartypants.

katie and ian in londonKatie also headed to her old stomping grounds in Belgium, where she snapped another famous literary character…Tintin and his faithful dog Snowy! Fans of the swoosh-haired journalist might enjoy this event we hosted a few years back.

tintin buildingSo Katie’s traversing Europe. I’m in the office, blogging. However, I’ve been assured some fine Belgium chocolate is coming my way. In the meantime, those who yearn for Diagon Alley are welcome to check out our regularly updated Harry Potter post containing all our wizarding projects, programs, and fun!