Announcing: One to One

Introducing our newest virtual offering, One to One, a program that proudly mentors and encourages young writers to explore their voices!

The idea builds on First Draft, our writing feedback program. One to One adds an additional resourcenow, instead of receiving your edits from Dr. Dana through email, you can choose to connect via Zoom to discuss face-to-face. You can reconnect with us as many times as you like – to talk writing, receive prompts, rework your story, or start an entirely new one.

Like First Draft, One to One is available to all (big shout out to our young writer in THAILAND!). Please feel free to share this resource with your classroom, neighborhood, library, and home.

Also, please note that like First Draft program, One to One is recommended for writers ages 9-17. We accept submissions of creative writing, works of fiction, and personal essays. We do not offer feedback on school assignments, college essays, or academic writing. You’ll find submission information here.

We look forward to mentoring your relationship with the written word!